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Location: Seattle

Genre: Folk Rock, Pop, New Country, Singer-Songwriter

Years Active: 1997 - Present

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Deb Montgomery has grown accustomed to dwelling in life’s in-between spaces: her art, much like her life, welds together what the world likes to separate. Her lyrics are spools of vulnerability and grit, her voice is an unwavering paradox of grief and joy, and her presence is a palpable strength in weakness. Over the course of twenty years and four records, some film credits, and the pleasure of sharing stages with a plethora of amazing musicians, Montgomery has solidified her ability to write and play with unreserved passion.

The Heart of It is raw in its impact, tender in its reach, and an overall rock solid album recorded by producer Don Kerr in Toronto, Canada. Surely the best recording of Deb Montgomery’s music to come along and likely to be a keeper for anyone wanting company in this life with all its losing and finding, fearing and couraging, despairing and hoping!


"While listening to Deb sing, she told us things will be alright. It’s good to have Deb sing for us. She made things alright."

João Carvalho, Grammy Nominee, Mastering Engineer

"I have deeply admired Deb’s raw, piercingly honest songwriting since the 90s. As a fan and a friend I attended her regular gigs in Toronto. Through the years we stayed in touch, and recently I urged Deb to consider a collaboration with music producer Don Kerr to memorialize the immersive essence of her live performance. The Heart Of It was born, as a house concert recorded by Don, for an intimate group of old friends, and filmed by me in collaboration with colleague Karin Culliton. Listen to these songs and watch the films, we hope you are as moved and inspired by Deb as we are."

Liz Marshall, Filmmaker

"It's rare to come across talent that is so emotionally captivating, musically stimulating and lyrically moving. Deb Montgomery is all of this. I hung onto every word she sang then laughed and cried while harmonizing with the old and new. Thank you Deb for doing what you do so well. This performance will stay with me forever."

Renann Isaacs, Art Curator, Owner RICA Gallery, Toronto

"Deb’s pure voice flows through clear and open channels of communication right into heart and spirit."

Kyp Harness, Singer-Songwriter, Novelist

"Seeing and hearing Deb play in an intimate setting of a home was like having her share with me, with us, her deepest thoughts and sensitivities.  She is a generous, tender, fierce, and awesome."

Lise Beaudry, Artist

"The evening with Deb Montgomery was both a privilege to attend, and an inspiration to hear.  Her music and lyrics carry the depths of her own soul journey, and reflect the beauty and poignancy of her faith and love of life.  She is a true artist, and such a setting in someone’s home – giving opportunity to share with others at intermission and following the concert – created the perfect ambiance for Deb’s intimate performance."

Diane Marshall, Psychotherapist

"Small venue but a ton of energy and passion. There were tears, laughter and sing alongs. The night left me feeling joyful and in awe of Deb’s singing and songwriting."

Leslie Lawrence

All in All
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Filmed and Directed by Liz Marshall

Edited by Karin Culliton

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