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Deb is probably one of the best songwriters out there right now. Her lyrics tell stories, speak of love and pain, but always with devastating eloquence.

Huffington Post

Montgomery’s rock roots bring together this edgy energized collection with a raw passion. It works and it’s superb. The more than twenty years and four studio albums, film credits, and stage appearances with superbly talented musicians, grounds and solidifies Deb Montgomery in the rock industry.

Nashville Music Guide

"Folk Rock Artist Deb Montgomery Releases New EP All The Water To Rave Reviews"

Montgomery showcases an electric evolution on her new EP, All the Water. The Seattle folk-rocker channels the virtue of Neil Young, the bravado of Patti Smith and the vulnerability of Conor Oberst on this tender yet triumphant five song EP.

Know More Music Blog

Wonderfully shaped with both delicacy and muscularity, All the Water is one of this year’s must-listen-to gifts from a brilliant artist—Deb Montgomery.

Randall Radic

Her music has been compared to Natalie Merchant, Cat Power, Aimee Mann, Brandi Carlile, and even Neil Young. It’s storytelling at its best.

Sidestage Magazine

On her new EP, All the Water, Deb Montgomery digs in the dirt while reaching a new height of passion, musicality, and connection with her audience. As a musician, singer, songwriter, and band leader, Montgomery has never been on more confident footing, and with good reason. The EP, All the Water,  is a career achievement and an advancement on an already impressive catalogue of songs.

Elijah Dhaaven

Rain City Collective, Seattle, WA

I wouldn't call these songs catchy as much as they are infectious.   If you're not sure of the difference then just listen to these with an open mind and you'll find yourself singing along with them whether or not you want to. I know I can't seem to stop listening to it...

Joshua Macala

Raised by Gypsies ::

For every Young, McCartney, and Baez—brilliant songwriters who find acclaim on a much-deserved international scale—there’s a composer, performer, and lyricist who can prove their worth just as well who falls through the cracks...but ultimately—and luckily—their songs become something to finally showcase to a willing public ear, regardless of how long it took them to get there. Thankfully, the song stylings of the immaculate Deb Montgomery fall into the latter camp...

For Folks Sake

Montgomery’s clear, supple vocals are mixed righto up front (as they should be) but the muscular instrumentation gives heft to the overall feel. A Neil-Young-simple, understated electric guitar is the icing on the cake.The five-song release closes with Montgomery stripping away all of the instrumentation, leaving only her supple voice (exuding vulnerability) and a lone, quiet electric guitar. All the Water is brief yet varied, and enjoyable start to finish.

Bill Kopp

With her latest EP, Montgomery uses tactile imagery to personify various trials, tribulations, and triumphs in a way that we can all relate, through connection to the inevitable processes of the natural world. Well crafted and heartfelt.

Jon C. Ireson

The music Montgomery does has been compared to many other talented musicians, from Natalie Merchant to Neil Young. These are great comparisons, and Montgomery is an excellent storyteller. (Her music) is glorious in its ability to make you cry, to make you feel, to make you find hope again.

Beat Media

Lean, salty, bruised, honest, sinewy music.   Her voice will give you the happy shivering willies. There’s a haunting bony blunt vibe to this record that I really like and admire. 

Brian Doyle

Author of "Mink River," "Martin Marten," and "The Plover"

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